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It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Brindle Parish Council website.

The aim of the site is to keep parishioners informed of the Council's activities and proceedings. Also, the site provides an archive of minutes and other Parish Council documents. We will undertake to keep the site up to date and relevant.

The Parish Council Meetings are held about every 6 weeks at 7-30pm on a Monday at various venues around the parish

Members of the public can attend so please come along to see what we do for the parish.

We also want to hear your views on the site, the good, the bad, the missing, the irrelevant. Please pass your views to the Webmaster or any Parish Councillor.

Darren Cranshaw


Parish Council News

The August meeting was attended by one local resident when the Parish Council met at Trinity Methodist Church on the 10th.

The Police attended the meeting and there were no reported crimes for the Parish. The car park of the Cavendish Arms has now been surveyed for use as a radar speed monitoring site. The radar van has already used the site.

There was little to report on progress with the many outstanding highway and footpath repairs, though LCC had reported that items were repaired in order of priority. However, it was reported that the urgent reairs to Duxon Hill had still not been carried out. County Councillor Devaney said he would raise this issue again.

The Council accepted a report on the recent tidying of Denham Quarry. Chorley Council had organised the event and the Parish Council thanked the many members of the Mormon Temple who had come to assist with the work.

The Clerk reported that there were 3 planning applications to hand and that a recent application had been granted.

Phone box at Top o'th Lane

Following a consultation period the Parish Council agreed to purchase the Top o'th Lane telephone kiosk from BT for 1.

The Parish Council discused the present fundraising activities for the purchase of defibrillators. The Parish Council agreed in principle to make a grant but would await developements and review at a later meeting.

New bench at Chapel Flod

Three new public benches have been been installed within the parish at Chapel Fold, Denham Lane and the Parish Pound as part of the Parish Plan.

New bench at Denham Lane New bench at the Parish Pound


Please view the draft minutes for a full report on the meeting.

The next meeting will be at Community Hall on September 28th at 7:30pm

The "In The Know" newsletter can be seen on Police website or click here

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