LCC response to Road Safety Petition

NEWSLETTER September 2022
The Parish Council wishes to remind everyone that their meetings are open to all residents and that there is an opportunity to have your say at these meetings.

The Parish Council considered the following matters:-


The Police and Crime Commissioner had confirmed the current PCSO is still the police officer for Brindle.



The County Council has been asked to re-investigate the flooding problems in Water Street and will re-visit the site to determine what is required.


The County Council has been asked to come back and do some more work.


The two underpasses both require extensive tidying up and maintenance work to the lighting.


The direction sign at Sandy Lane had been re-erected.


Arrangements have been made to meet Chorley Officers about the Strategy at the next Parish Council meeting on 7th November 2022.


The Slow signs on the road at Top oth Lane need repainting. the County Council has been asked to say when this will be done.


The white lines on Sandy Lane from Tullis Farm to Holt Lane required repainting. the County Council has been asked to undertake the work.


The footpaths and verges on Sandy Lane are overgrown. Chorley Council has been asked to attend to this.


Fly tipping had occurred at the farm. Chorley has been notified.



The following decisions have been made since the last meeting of the Parish Council:-

1.Single storey rear extension Kayes Barn Marsh Lane (App no 22/00224/FULHH) - Granted.

2. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of detached dwelling with garage Brooklyn Sandy Lane (App no 22/00600/FUL). - Granted.

3.Section 73 application to vary condition no 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission 20/01339/FUL (Conversion of existing garage to a self contained two bed room dwelling house in order to amend the internal layout, external elevations and materials. Ladywell Gowans Lane (App no 22/00737/FUL). - Granted.


The following applications have been made to Chorley Council since the last meeting of the Parish Council:-

1.Widening of existing driveway dropped kerb (resubmission of app no 22/00395/FULHH) (App no 22/00926/FULHH) .

2.Application to discharge Condition 14 (Invasive species method statement) ref 22/00600/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of detached dwelling and garage Brooklyn Sandy Lane (App no 00926/FUL).

3.Notification of tree works within a conservation area Myrtle Cottage Sandy Lane (App no 22/00885/TCON).


A newspaper article relating to the interpretation of Article Q under planning legislation was circulated and considered in respect of Anderview Farm,The local resident who had raised this had been informed.

The Planning Obligations Officer (Enforcement) is investigating unauthorised developments at Crabtree Farm and Leigh Farm.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 7th November 2022 at 7.30 p.m. Meeting at the Community Hall Water Street Brindle. ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND. T. Harkness SEPTEMBER 2022.

Brindle Parish Council: local information

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Brindle Parish Council